Hello, my name is Seth Hartman.

I create Product Designs that transform complex topics into customer-centric visuals and experiences.

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Seth Hartman


My Experience

Passionate designer known for consistently exceeding client and peer expectations with high-quality designs. Highly motivated, diligent, and reliable professional excelling in both independent and collaborative settings. Proficient in a blend of traditional and modern design approaches, with a keen eye for precision down to the pixel.
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2020 - 2024


• Researched, proposed, and implemented a new icon system for consistency across 1,000+ icons in the design library, saving designers and developers hundreds of hours.

• Coached, inspired, and trained four direct reports, unlocking their full potential and indirectly influencing 20+ team members.

• Managed a major redesign of the ZoomInfo Login, improving time to interaction by over 40%.
Manager, UI/UX
Sr. Team Lead, UI/UX
Team Lead, UI/UX
UI Lead for ZoomInfo Recruiter, ensuring a successful launch in seven months. The product achieved over 8 million in ACV in the first year and 40 million in ACV during the second year.
Sr. UI/UX Designer
2016 - 2020


Designed software solutions that are fast, fun, elegant, and easy to use. Our design team worked with a diverse range of clients providing unique visual direction. Including mobile apps, workflow automation, websites, mobile games, AR/VR projects, branding, and marketing campaigns.
Creative Director
Built and designed dozens of dashboard prototypes, virtual reality, and augmented reality experiences for potential and ongoing clients, while reducing the number screens and streamlining clicks.
UI/UX Designer
2016 - Present


Created a brand for myself @mycreativelook. Collaborated with over 250 companies/brands to advertise their products. 109k+ followers on Instagram, 150k+ followers on Pinterest, and roughly 1-5k visits to my blog each month.
2015 - 2016


Designed a white-label fundraising app leveraging social media and crowdfunding, allowing users to recruit and fundraise seamlessly.
Lead UI/UX Designer
2009 - 2015

The University of Oklahoma

Established and designed UI/UX principles and frameworks at OU for enterprise web and mobile applications.
UI/UX Designer
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Taking a look back

Originally from Illinois, I grew up on my family owned apple orchard outside of a small town. We roughly had 5,000 trees and 20+ varieties of apples. Unfortunately, after years of insects destroying apples, the orchard closed down. It was during this time, in my youth, that I started attaching myself to computers. I still remember to this day, creating my first component on a website, a scrolling marquee.

During High School, I took a design class using Coral Draw, where I re-created the Game Board, Sorry. This was the moment that changed it all for me. It was this class that gave me a vision that I could create anything I wanted using the computer.

Fast forward to today, I now have an amazing family (wife and two boys) and 18 years experience within design.