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ZoomInfo Icon System

In response to identified inefficiencies and challenges within the existing icon design system at ZoomInfo, a comprehensive initiative was launched to revamp and replace the outdated system.

Project View

All you need to know about your projects in one place.

Great LMS

Times are Changing. Demand for virtual and digital learning environments is on the rise.


Online design tool for their clients to easily update in-lobby digital signage and on-hold messages.

NBA Math Hoops

Transformed the physical game board into a digital format while improving the experience.


Platform that allowed nonprofits and other organizations to interact with users during fundraising events.

Studio Fly

Music. Socialized. One touch of a button brings full access.


Insurance Self-Service Application.


Building software solutions that are fast, fun, elegant, and easy to use.


Men's Fashion Blogger, Brand Ambassador, and Influencer bringing style inspiration outfits, grids, and more.