RaiseMore was a startup mobile and web platform that allowed nonprofits and other organizations to connect with users to interact during fundraising events. Fundraisers and volunteers could organize fundraising teams, gain sponsorships from corporations or other donors, share information and post pictures.
Apr 19, 2016

Project Overview

To build a platform that would be an end-to-end solution including an app builder store, white labeled custom mobile app and dashboard that integrated with donation platforms. In doing this, it would allow the users to build their own custom branded app including an analytics platform and communication hub.


When I started working with RaiseMore, they had an initial platform (mobile and dashboard applications) already created. In bringing me on the team, my task was to design an online experience to build a custom mobile app and submit it to the iOS App Store without needing to interact with anyone. Along with going through each application and identifying the areas of user experience needing to be improved. Designed initial MVP versions of each application

Final Product

Our solution incorporated numerous custom components to make the user experience enjoyable and easy including seamless fundraising integration. Our custom-built dashboard component provided any organization the power to understand, direct, and engage its fundraisers with a complete multi-channel perspective. The RaiseMore platform, dashboard paired with mobile and guided by analytics, drove the recruitment, engagement & fundraising success for organizations.