Studio Fly demo was developed to connect music fans and listeners with their favorite artists around the globe. Studio Fly also allows listeners to tune in during artist studio time, get live updates on music news relevant to the user, and share songs with friends connected within the app.
May 9, 2016

Project Overview

On the first day of working at Clevyr, I was handed this project. The goal of the project was to create a music application that allowed users to listen to a playlist of music together with their friends. One developer and I were asked to put together a demo in two weeks so that it could be presented in Las Vegas.


Knowing that I would be working with the name "Studio Fly" from the client, I came up with the brand identity, along with the interface for the application. With the quick turnaround of needing to have a design mockup completed, I knew that I would need to work quickly so that the developer was never roadblocked when creating the app in Ionic. In the process of working together, I drew out an initial sketch on a whiteboard for him to work from while I built out the high fidelity mockups.

Final Product

Within the two weeks of working on this project, I built out 10 high-fidelity mockups, a custom icon set, created assets, and brand identity. Utilizing my entire skillset, I was able to use all of my experience to design a unique and professional brand that was successful for the demo presentation.