YouGoLook, a mobile application project, formed in collaboration with my employer Clevyr and WeGoLook. WeGoLook is a service provided to people to validate something is what it claims to be. The app was created to make it easy for a variety of users to process damage claims on their own while providing a friendly experience.
Aug 7, 2017

Project Overview

WeGoLook was in the process of creating a mobile Self Service Application for users to be able to take their own photos to submit a claim. Before starting to build the application, WeGoLook would hire a looker to go to a user's location to take photos of a claim to submit it. Clevyr was hired by WeGoLook to work on improving the User Interface and User Experience for the application.


I reviewed the whole application and the UX flow for how a user would be using the app. After a quick run-through of the app, the number of screens (roughly 100) a user would need to go through in fulfilling all the steps was cumbersome. Secondly, the app felt basic and somewhat generic with components and interface details for interacting with. One of the initial ideas that came to mind when thinking through all the screens was that the application would need to feel as easy as depositing a check within a mobile application. That's where a lot of my research started out when redesigning the flow and interface.

Final Product

By eliminating the clunkiness of the application and adjusting the UX flow, I was able to remove 33% of the screens and improve the interaction for users when using the application. The design also provided guides for the user to make it easier for them to get the alignment correct when taking photos. The design also allowed users to select anywhere on the vehicle to take photos, whereas the original concept limited the user's ability to select a specific place on the vehicle for a claim.