Product Designer, based in Oklahoma City, dedicated to crafting high-quality designs with a focus on enhancing user interfaces and experiences.

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Building internal products to empower businesses to reach their full potential.

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ZoomInfo Icon System

In response to identified inefficiencies and challenges within the existing icon design system at ZoomInfo, a comprehensive initiative was launched to revamp and replace the outdated system.


Insurance Self-Service Application.


Design for Web
and Mobile
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NBA Math Hoops

Great LMS



Studio Fly


"Seth Hartman is talented, dedicated, and passionate about design. He approaches every project from the perspective of "how can we make this better?" He's extremely collaborative and always seeks the thoughts and opinions of others. He gives a lot of himself and inspires others to do the same. I've never seen him create anything that wasn't absolutely fantastic."
Courtney Kneifl
Owner of Iris & Fig
Marketing & Communications Manager at OU IT
"Amazing and talented are two words that come to mind when I think of Seth. After seeing his talent and creativity with his other design work, my company hired Seth to redo our company logo. We were extremely happy with the final product and we are already planning on doing more projects with Seth."
Cindy Shifrel
CEO of Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals
"Seth is as authentic and talented as it gets. His passion for excellence is matched only by his desire for the success of others. As a designer, Seth has the uncanny skill to make quality solutions seem effortless; as a leader, he has the unique ability to inspire the best in those around him, fostering greatness wherever he goes."
Shane Jensen
Creative Director at Clevyr